Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Systems

The term Point of Sale (POS) is sometimes used interchangeably to describe any station capable of checking out a customer. This could include a simple cash register and credit card terminal but could also include a fully integrated computer system. This are the touch screen systems that are commonly found in bars, restaurants and high end retail locations. For the purposes of this page we will cover mobile versions of the more complex traditional POS systems.

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Today there are several traditional Point of Sale systems that allow for mobile access via the following common devices.

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Droid Devices
  • Microsoft Tablets

These handheld devices can typically access most features of the point of sale system and are handy for servers, hostesses and bartenders that are looking to quickly communicate order information to the kitchen without having to physical go to a station (terminal). While these mobile devices can do most critical functions of the point of sale software including, taking orders, modifying entries and sending communications, they cannot do more complex actions such as run reports. For this reason these systems still require a main station, called a brain. This terminal also houses the database where all of the records are stored.

Dinerware Software on Tablet

Dinerware Handheld POS

Dinerware is a popular point of sale system for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, quick service and fine dining. Dinerware is a powerful system that has full handheld pos capability. This includes access from Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and Microsoft / Droid products.

WaveSoft's WavePOS

WavePOS for Dinerware is WaveSoft's seamless integrated mobile solution to your existing Dinerware system. From the smooth order taking process to processing payment at the table, it becomes an extension of your Dinerware terminal.